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Jones East 8
Concept design
The chief shareholder of East 8 and principal partner of Jones East 8, Philip Hudson RIBA, studied in London's Architectural Association and then practiced as an architect in one of Europe's largest commercial practices becoming its youngest associate and leading design teams to win the GBP 500 million Bishops Gate Goodsyard competition; win the 100 million BP HQ competition and second place in Edinburgh's GBP 100 million Morrison Street competition.
Philip Hudson is a chartered British Architect with experience of designing and running on site multimillion USD projects in the UK and Ukraine. In the UK he managed IBM's GBP 3 million production, warehouse and office complex in Havant and Coopers & Lybrands GBP 7 million office in the City of London. In Ukraine he has run the Raiffeisen Bank, Billa and Radisson projects.
We employ fully qualified Ukrainian structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. Our all skills and engineering experience include design and on site supervision of: Raiffeisen Bank, Billa supermarket, IMF offices, BBC monitoring office, Baker & McKenzie offices and Radisson Hotel.
Cost control
We have executed cost control functions Raiffeisen Bank, Billa supermarket, IMF offices, BBC monitoring office, Baker & McKenzie offices and most notably for the 30 million Euro Radisson Hotel. On the Radisson Hotel we produced valuations, draft certificates, tracked variation costs and reported on the construction budget.
Project management
We have executed project management roles on a wide range of projects in Ukraine and beyond. Projects include: Raiffeisen Bank, Billa supermarket, IMF offices, BBC monitoring office, Boehringer Ingelheim offices, Baker & McKenzie offices. On the Radisson Hotel we were not project managers, but many project management functions were executed including: chairing project and design meetings and regular drafting writing letters on behalf of the client.
Due diligence
With in-house engineers and specialists we and East 8 have performed a very wide range of due diligence exercises ranging from legal due diligence for apartment and small office purchases to surveys of condition, reports on permissions, valuations and the like. Clients for due diligence exercises include: PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Panell Kerr Forster, EBRD, BBC, Metro, Baker & McKenzie, ING Bank, NATO and Raiffeisen Bank.


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East 8 and Jones East 8 are wholly owned by citizens of the United Kingdom. Jones East 8 was established in 1993 and is now principally a trade name for East 8's offshore advisory services for Ukraine...


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