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Jones East 8
Biggest TV ever    

Built to see all the Park and for all the Park to see. Not just the biggest TV ever it's see-through from the inside and views out will be full of the stadium just 200 metres away - closer than ever before to an Olympic stadium.

Internal screens are planned such that we will create a virtual games environment which stands to be a more exciting space to experience the games than from within the stadium! Better than the real thing.

But for all the electronics the screen will be open to the outside and structure is shaped to collect and reverberate the roar of the stadium around the interior to overpower the electronic environment.

The floors behind the screen provide hospitality services for up to 8000. It provides for a media and broadcast centre arranged as a press gallery at high level. A central atrium provides for internal events crossed by a glass floored skyway suspended between electronic images. In the evening a tremendous night club is envisaged. The press look down on this as well as out to the park and stadium. The venue fronts directly onto the canal where we are negotiating the placement of a fleet of luxury yachts.

The screen offers unlimited promotional opportunities.

It's The Surreal Thing

This has almost all of the above and a good deal more. Still the largest TV ever but together with the flip side of the Olympics experience - how many really experience the Games - from the sofa! Lets face it London's current ensemble of buildings ain't gonna compete with what China offered. But we can provide humour. This is what we are known for and this is what we propose - an alternative view of the Games, not the real thing, the surreal thing. If you want youth appeal this has it.

The promotional opportunities are mind blowing. The screen of course shows the events and ads to demand but on the screen perhaps games, a new programme launch.

The TV... Or is it a computer console, a mobile phone or tablet? Is it Acer, Samsung or Panasonic? Perhaps it is all three but at different times for different launches. Then perhaps twitter, google, facebook could provide their service. Anybody could be famous for 15 seconds. Again youth appeal, in spades.

Then each sponsor can place their product strewn over the floor. The coke cup (two stories at least), Mcdonalds burger (say 8 m wide), toy sized BMW (in fact real), Cadburys Dairy Milk, Omega watch, Visa card, Heineken can.

In the case of BMW we can do test drives around fish island if they get the cars in early enough. The luxury yachts on the canal can be inspected.
All great for hospitality appeal for which we have numerous terraces with views to the stadium, the screen and the products.  
Again we plan placement of internal screens to create a virtual environment. But as if this is not enough we then have a massive party venue with a 60 x 20 m cinema backdrop. A fire place which can sprout a three story fire (not for real!). Live event are keen, again - youth appeal. And incidentally the stadium is only 200 metres away with the real roar of the crowd.
This venue on this site has the potential to steal the Games. Long before the Games start our site will be a major talking point, expectations will be sown.  
Games ticket holders will see us as they trundle along the Greenway from West Ham tube, from the Park in general and especially from the south western concourses to the Stadium as they exit. We have the visual appeal, the events appeal, the ideas and the press on hand to broadcast it to the world. Be there.









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